Another thing that can help differentiate a Guppy from an Endler is the body color of the females. They are dimorphic. Du kannst männliche und weibliche Guppys ganz leicht erkennen, wenn sie mindestens eine Woche alt sind. I couldn’t take a foto of them. Male Endlers tend to do much more courting towards the females than do male Guppies which tend to be more aggressive towards females. We try to make sure it is clear which Endlers are pure, which ones are hybrids and which fish are Guppies. White dorsal fins are thought to be a sign that they are a hybrid however that’s not necessarily true as some strains like the Lime Green Endler have a white or very light blue dorsal fin. Males can grow up to 1-1/8 inches (3 cm), females can grow up to 2-1/8 inches (6 cm) when they’re fully grown. The Snakeskin Orchid Endlers are simply a variation of the Orchid Endlers. You can tell the difference between a male and female guppy at first glance because: Males are more colorful. As per IFGA standards a Gold guppy must have at least 25% of the body showing the color of real gold metal on the body. Males tend to bother the females too much if you have more males than females. Le guppy et le guppy endler sont des poissons très différents contrairement à ce que l’on peux penser. Our Endlers have their own special unique look that if you know what you are looking for you can see it. They are part of the genus Poecilia as are guppies. I HAVE 4 GUPPIES AND MY MALE GUPPY... What to do when your guppy female is expecting fry. You may go to any sold out listing and click on the “email me when available” button to sign up to be notified the instant we are able to put something back in stock. If you were to allow the two strains to breed together the result would be pure Orchid Endlers (N Class) however the resulting fry would likely end up looking like one or the other strains or possibly a combination of both. Le guppy Endler Poecilia wingei, ou guppy Picasso, est différent du guppy classique de l'espèce P. reticulata.Son origine géographique se situe au Venezuela dans le nord de l'Amérique du Sud. Caractéristique de l'eau. Let’s get down to all the beautiful and eye-catching colors of the different types of guppies. One of the biggest things besides color that you will find with Endlers if their activity level compared to Fancy Guppies. Les mâles vont nettoyer les oeufs et la cavité avec ses nageoires et de la bouche . your own Pins on Pinterest The breeding takes place in the tank, and it does not require any special prepar… Female Endlers are often thought to be smaller than Guppies because they can produce young at a very small size however Female Endlers can grow to be every bit as large as female Guppies. Also, all the male fry look like their father no matter what the maternal grandfather was. Fins are those part of fish which assist it in swimming and also gear its … 1er différence : Le guppy tel qu’on le trouve dans les animalerie a été créé par l’homme, le guppy endler est sauvage. De nature nocturne il se cache la journée. We do not recommend adding female Endlers to the tank as they will quickly multiply and become too many fish for your tank. Aussi je vends tous mes guppies: * mâle (coloré) : 1 CHF * femelle (grise, sans couleur): 2 CHF * alevins: … Why is this? Endlers or Endler’s Livebearer is a colorful species of the Poecilia genus sold by the name of Endler’s Guppy in pet shops. Endlers Livebearers: Keeping Only One Sex, Stable & Natural Water Conditions Can Help Produce Healthy Endlers, Preventing Illness in Endlers Livebearers, The Confusion Between Pure Endlers, Hybrid Endlers, and Guppies. Apr 2, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by stephen plenty. They all look pure endler though they can't be as they were bred from females known to be endler-guppy hybrids. I don’t believe that Japan Blue Guppies have any Endler genetics in them at all. Because the endlers are smaller in size you can get away with having more in a small tank. Micropoecilia picta. Guppy commun: Je suis sûre que quand vous avez vu ces couleurs vous vous dites, Wouaaa!!! In fact, I would not label her an Endler at all. Peaceful small. Guppies tend to be much stockier. We usually recommend 3 trios. When Endlers where first introduced into the hobby they were often thought to simply be another type of Guppy. There are also many other colors that can be found depending on the strain.Most strains have a dorsal fin that is small clear and rounded however some strains can produce very colorful dorsal fins. From time to time these genes reattach themselves to the male chromosomes rather than the females. La femelle ne joue aucun rôle dans les soins parentaux, le mâle ancistrus prend soin de ses jeunes. Most of the beautiful Endler hybrids that we carry were created by other hobbyists. Required fields are marked *. This is well thought out to weak the genetic pool and thus prohibited by many fish hobbyists who desire to manage unadulterated strains. The swordtail can be made to grow even longer with selective breeding.From time to time a male may exhibit a swordtail that is much longer than most male Endlers growing out to almost a half an inch. I don’t know. There is also rare occasions where females may exhibit black dorsal fins or caudal fins where the strain usually displays clear fins. Endlers Livebearer. I don’t believe any of them are pure wingei with the possible exception of the Staeck Endlers. Les gonopodes sont aussi une caractéristique de certains arthropodes. Petit poisson d'eau douce de 2 à 4cm adulte. Bonjour, Je souhaite changer les espèces de mon bac. En gros, en compagnie de mâle, la femelle Guppy est toujours en attente d'alevins. 6360: 1,5 - 2 cm: € 3,25 Poecilia endler tiger Endler Guppy tiger. Endler strains are in general a product of human influence. What females were used? Black Guppy. Can Neon Tetras be bred by Endlers? To breed these fish all you need to do is put male and female fish in a tank together. The Endler's Livebearer is thought to be just a color variant of the common guppy (Poecilia reticulate), but it is under debate whether that is true or not. Male Guppies usually have very slender body. There are many who offer Endlers for sale on line as N Class Endlers when the images show they are clearly hybrids. Previous studies have reported that directional female preferences for aspects of male coloration vary among populations (Houde 1987; Endler and Houde 1995), and such differences might extend to negative frequency-dependent preference. C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme . Guppies and Endlers If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! I have been reading all I can and am confused about the N Class and the Pure Class are those the same thing? Thank you for you're help. I will share fotos soon. Some Differences between Endlers and Guppies. Un mâle mesure 3 à 4 cm, alors qu’une femelle … Différences sexuelles : le mâle, plus petit est beaucoup plus coloré que la femelle et posséde un gonopode 2 exemples de guppys mâles. No gonopodium? This is likely how many of the strains developed by AdrianHD were developed. Especially if you'll feed them premium fish flake food. The male’s fins are more visible. Tracey. For the most part we don’t create hybrids as there are so many great hybrids being created by hobbyists all the time. Hello! Later Philippe Voisin returned to the same location and captured one or more Blue Star Endler males. P. reticulate, P. obscure guppy breed and the cross descendants will able to produce. Si cette règle n'est pas respectée on peut observer des comportements totalement aberrants pour. you can tell the difference by looking the fin on there *****,, sorry I forgot what do they call that,, Sometimes strains are developed based on a single fish that had outstanding features. guppys endler variés Poecilia sp. Endlers are characterized by their small sizes. As soon as Endlers are allowed to reproduce in an artificial environment they start becoming slightly different than the original wild Endlers. Half Black Pastel Guppy. The difference in size between a male and female Guppy is very apparent early on. Female Endlers look like female guppy's but are not! Many hobbyists believe it is wrong to create Endler Hybrids. The Yellow Tiger Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei var. They are prolific breeders and will quickly fill your tank. The female coloring is sole-coloured with golden or silvery tint. These are sometimes referred to as Endler/Endler hybrids which are not actually genetic hybrids just crosses withing the same species. Voici huit différences que j’ai trouvé pour distinguer les deux espèces. Female Guppies are almost twice as big as male are. Le guppy endler est un poisson vivant en petit groupes qui réside naturellement proche de la surface.C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme.. De manière générale, c'est un poisson indépendant qui ne se préoccupe guère des autres espèces.. Ce poisson est polygâme, le mâle est entouré de plusieurs femelles. Thank you for your interest. It is our belief that Endler hybrids are inevitable and creating and keeping hybrids should be done responsibly. Nov 16, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Caio Fern. While netting an Endler it is quite easy to accidentally net some fry as well. Thank you for your quick response and advise. Guppies and Endlers If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! GUPPIES/ENDLERS. 16.02.2016 - Ein Forum für alle Freunde von Guppy, Schwertträger, Molly, Platy, garnelen,moose in und um Berlin,Interessengemeinschaft Poeciliidae Deutschland (IGPD) Guppys sind beliebte Haustiere und eine attraktive Ergänzung für ein Aquarium. So even if your fry are from parents that they label as endlers, they're still not pure endlers. We want our Endlers to look as close as possible but better than the original strains they were developed from. Thank you for your comments and I would like to order 2 of each as I have no desire or time to breed them. Like hybrids between Swordtails and Platys, whether or not a hybrid is called an Endler or a Guppy usually depends on what it most looks like. The females are bigger than males. For example pure female El Tigre Endlers normally have a black dorsal fin. Even if the resulting offspring look like the original male there has been other genetics that have been introduced into the bloodline making them different than the original males. I avoid mixing female Endlers from one strain with males of another strain simply because those females may carry genes that will affect the appearance of the strain several generations in the future. Ils vivent à l’état sauvage au Brésil, en Guyane et au Trinidad-Tobago. If your female guppy is pregnant, her body may look boxy or stuffed and even lumpy. Guppy oder auch Endler Guppys: Man kann sagen, dass dieser Fisch, welchen wir euch heute vorstellen wollen, der wohl bekannteste im Süßwasseraquarium ist. They appear to be Black Bar Endler / guppy hybrids. Once a guppy is crossed with an Endler the offspring can never be pure Endlers and are known as K Class Endlers. you read and agreed to the, How to tell if your goldfish is male or female, How to tell if an angelfish is male or female. 2eme différence: I raise Endlers. Thank you for sharing. Le mâle doit s'accoupler avec la femelle seulement une fois pour que celle‐ci puisse produire plusieurs co ; Définition gonopode: Un gonopode est un organe copulateur issu d'une modification de la nageoire anale chez certains poissons pratiquant la fécondation interne. Of course whatever females were used to help create the strain would have had some influence on the overall genetic makeup of the resulting strain even if it could not be seen visually. Pure Black guppies are mostly black in color. Endlers Livebearers: Endangered or Extinct? Gold Endler guppy has a very interesting coloring – a golden body of the male has small red spots on it … Your email address will not be published. This spot is found near the tail and it looks quite dark. Because, they are really moving fish. Males have a modified anal fin, called a gonopodium. 1 individu. Your email address will not be published. Endlers or Endler’s Livebearer is a colorful species of the Poecilia genus sold by the name of Endler’s Guppy in pet shops. Most of the Endler strains that are available in the hobby today were developed from a very few number of Endlers. The females are usually monochromatic. Once and a while genes break away from the chromosomes during the reproductive cycle. By liking our page you should be able to get alerts letting you know we have posted something new.